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“Integration through Sport”

In the last year 2020/21 we had to suffer a lot because of the pandemic. However, we persevered and tried our best to organize events online as well as outside with Corona measures. We hope that in the coming years we can get back to our old routine and increase Integratons work even more efficiently. Our work is mostly in the hands of the young people and children who have immigrated.

Sports connects us all over all barriers: How powerful sport is, is shown at our club. The club has been hitting a bridge of connection in between worlds for almost 40 years. Many Players from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka have found a home here.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rudolf Wienands M.A.

Over the years, Mr. Wienand has strongly promoted our club and cricket in general with his highly excellent mind.​

Frau Karina Wienand

Also under the professor Herr Wienand we have a brilliant supportive daughter of the professor who has pushed us incredibly much to this day.​

Cricket is also a popular sport in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Pak-Orient Cricket Club can barely handle the demand.

The demand for cricket among Afghan and Pakistani refugees is huge. In order to cope with the rush, the club lacks money, training opportunities and supervisors.

British sport, a complicated duel that lasts for hours between the bowler (the thrower) and the field players on the one hand and the batsman (the batsman) on the other, has only been played in Afghanistan for about 20 years – but with great enthusiasm . According to estimates by the BBC, around a billion people watched the start of the Cricket World Cup on February 16, 2015, so the major event, which took place in Australia and New Zealand, does not have to hide from the final of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.


In Afghanistan, which has been badly damaged by the war, the only equipment is often stones and sticks – but cricket is the only sport the Taliban allow. Refugees who come to Munich from Afghanistan are thrilled when they hear that cricket is also played here. The Pak Orient Cricket Club POCC, the oldest club in Munich, has been tirelessly investing time and money for many years in order to be able to meet the great demand.

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